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In the history of God’s people since the creation of the world, it has been observed that whenever God wanted to visit His people, usually there would arise an individual or a group of people who would see the need for a new dedication and total surrender to God as demanded in the Bible (2 Chronicles 7:14). This was the exact thing that happened at the beginning of Christ Apostolic Church.

In the early part of the year 1918, a prayer band was formed at the Saint Saviour’s Anglican Church, Ijebu Ode. This group aimed at purifying themselves and the church. They yearned to see the Christian religion practised the same way it was done during the apostolic days. They made holiness and total dedication to God their Christian life style and watchword.

The Pioneers

The early pioneers of this movement were J. B. Esinsinade, D. O. Odubanjo and Miss Sophia Odunlami, all of St. Saviours Anglican Church, Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. They practiced absolute trust in God, and abhorred the use of medicine, dancing, drumming, gambling, drinking and mixing with non-Christians. They depended mainly on prayers thus the nickname; Egbe Aladura (the prayer group). The name of the group was first known as the Precious Stone, and later as the Diamond Society of Nigeria. This was the first Aladura society in Nigeria.

 This group was later strengthened by the inspiration they got from the magazines and tracts they received from one Pastor A. Clark of the Faith Tabernacle in Philadelphia, USA. The relationship between the Diamond Society of Nigeria and the Faith Tabernacle of America was so cordial through the correspondences Pastor D. O. Odubanjo had with them that the name of the society was changed to Faith Tabernacle of Nigeria.

Great converts, Great vision

Hundreds of people, men and women started to identify themselves as the followers of the new prophet. Prominent among them were Messrs. Joshua Adeniran Medaiyese, Abraham Omotoso, John Oye Ajilore, Daniel Orekoya, Philip Bangbade, Emmanuel Omotunde, Peter Olatunji, J.S.B. Odusona, J.A Babatope, John B. Orogun, D.O Babajide, A.O Olutimehin, and a host of others. These people began to exercise same religious faith in their homes, towns and villages. This was the GENESIS of the explosion of the evangelistic revivals and crusaders, which we are still witnessing in Nigeria till today.

Wherever Babalola went, all Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Obas and Chiefs usually came together to receive him. They all received the healing of Christ from him. In this way, many converts were made among the crowds who welcomed him from place to place. Without even seeing him, those who heard the news and believed the report, prayed on water and they experienced the healing. By faith you too can do the same today, and receive God’s blessing.