Church Choir

The Choir

Welcome to the Church Choir, where we come together to praise and worship through the power of music. The Church choir is a diverse and inclusive community of singers who share a passion for using their voices to uplift and inspire others.

We believe that music is a powerful way to connect with God and express our faith, and our choir is a testament to that belief. Through our weekly rehearsals and performances, we strive to create an environment of joy, love, and unity.

Whether we are singing hymns, gospel songs, or contemporary Christian music, our choir is committed to using our talents to create a meaningful and uplifting worship experience for our congregation. 

Sis Rotimi Olaniran/ Team Lead

Our choir members come from all walks of life, and no previous experience is necessary to join. We are thrilled to welcome new members who share our passion for music and are eager to lend their voices to our choir family in praise and worship. We look forward to sharing the joy of music with our community.

If God has gifted you in the area of instrumentation or singing, we would love you to consider auditioning for our team. Please click on the link below and fill out our application form.

Register to Join a Team

There is a place for everyone to serve in God’s house. In this sense, the church expects every member to fulfil their God-given role. God expects fruitfulness from every creation, and we expect it from every member of God’s church as well.