We are the Ushering Team of the Church, a people-focused department, helping church members and visitors have a rewarding experience by maintaining orderliness during services and church events. We represent one of the first contacts with people attending any church service or program.


Our mission is to serve God and the church in humility, honour and integrity


Church ushers are servants, watchmen and hosts. Do you have a rich and warm welcoming smile? Are you cheerful, hospitable and compassionate? Do you enjoy helping others with your God given talents? Then, the Ushering Department is the place to be and you will be amazed at what God will do in you and through you.



To use our God given talents to impact positively on the lives of ‘men’ from every nation of the world.


We are what we do:

  • We are door keepers – meeting and warmly welcoming visitors and members to the presence of God
  • We maintain law and order – ensuring people sit orderly during church services. (1 Cor 14:40)
  • We are helpers – assisting the weak and needy as much as it lies within our capacity