Friendly Community

The church hierarchy has a five fold responsibility to provide all our members with a prayerful and assured spiritual covering, a dedicated pastoral welfare programme, a strong mentoring through our house fellowships, a caring and conducive atmosphere for worship and spiritual growth; and a sound opportunity for close fellowship with each other, within and outside the church.

In this wise, the church also expects every member to play their God ordained role. Fruitfulness is God’s expectation from every creation and that is our expectation from every member of God’s church too. Our members are those who contribute their quality time, substantial finance and their spiritual gifts to the progress of the church in supporting, praying and promoting unity within the church. They are the God loving, Christ’s sharing and Spirit filled people and they walk in their dominion mandate! This mandate is a five fold direction given to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue and have dominion.

We pray you continue to walk in dominion now and always in Jesus’ name.

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